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2015: Peace, Trauma, and Religion

9 April

Faith Communities and the Embodiment of Reconciliation

Prof. Dr. Eddy van der Borght

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

23 April

Representing the Religious Other: Framing and Hospitality  in Journalism and New Media

Dr. Johan Roeland

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7 May

Religion and Ideology and Processing the Past in Post Soviet Societies

Prof. Dr. Katja Tolstoya

Image by Pavel Nekoranec

16 April

Peace, Justice, and Violence: How Does the Bible Inspire Peace-Building

Dr. Christiane Karrer

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

30 April

Religion, Trauma, and Healing

Prof. Dr. Ruard Ganzevoort

Image by Tim Mossholder

May 12

Just Peace and 

Just Policing

Prof. Dr. Fernando Enns

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