2018: Peace, Trauma, and Religion in Post-Apartheid South Africa.

Public Lectures 2018

 Peace, Trauma, and Religion in Post-Apartheid South Africa.

When the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was a established in 1996 it quickly became the gem of peacemaking efforts around the globe. The TRC became a sort of gold standard for conflict resolution and reconciliation processes around the world. Nearly 22 years after its establishment South Africa is still wrestling with the legacy and effects of Apartheid.

ACRPJ is inviting the public to attend a series of public lectures investigating the complexities of truth telling in the reconciliation process, the legacy of colonialism and racism, and identities in "Post"-Apartheid South Africa, as well as the role of religion and theology in "Post"-Apartheid South Africa.  

PhD- Candidate

Cobus van Wyngaard

White Christian Talk and the Reformation, Transformation, and Disruption of Whiteness in South Africa

Prof. Dr.

Eddy van der Borght & 


Louis van der Riet

Enacting Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa: A historical perspective on the TRC

Dr. Lerato Kobe

Post-Apartheid Black Liberation Theology in South Africa

Dr. Helgard Pretorius

The Ascending Christ's Wounds - and the Church's call to Serve Just Peace in South Africa

Prof. Dr.

Fernando Enns



Peace, Trauma, and Religion in Post-Apartheid South Africa:

Insights from the excursion of VU-students of the master specialization: Peace, Trauma, and Religion

Director of IFOR: Lucas Johnson


De-Colonization of Theology