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Peace and Conflict Studies Minor


The Amsterdam Centre works with the Vrije Universiteit to offer courses in their B.A. Peace and Conflict Minor.This Minor offers students insights into the concepts, causes and consequence of political violence and war, from a broad set of disciplines, including political science, international law, criminology, theology, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology and history.

Philosophy and the Ethics of Violence: Peace, War, and Terrorism

This course introduces students to the main philosophical and ethical concepts on violence, war, peace and terrorism. Special attention will be given to religiously motivated violence and the role of religion in peace-building.

Political Violence and the Human Condition

provides students with knowledge of the perpetrators and victims of violence. It addresses the reasons why, and the processes through which, people get involved in political violence, and the impact this has on victims.

Conflict and Peace Building: Global and Intersectional Perspectives

introduce students to the key concepts and developments of conflict management/transformation, reconciliation and peacemaking in (post-)conflict societies, making special emphasis on the micro-level, i.e. individual dispositions, attitudes and behavior.

The Law and Politics of Fencing the Use of Force

introduces students to the changing international rules and regulations on the use of armed force from the perspectives of international law and political science/international relations.

Peace and Conflict: From Theory to Practice

introduces students to the practical and ethical challenges faced by practitioners from the field as an important dimension to take into account in approaches to peace and conflict. 

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