Public Lectures

The Public Lecture is a recurring series organised by the Centre every spring  on a different theme. The theme always relates to issues revolving around the matters of peace, justice, and religion, and we invite experts to speak about their area of expertise concerning the theme.

There were no public lectures in 2019 because the Centre was helping to plan the 2nd Global Mennonite Peacebuilding Conference and Festival

Location and Information

Attendance is free of charge. However, it is highly appreciated if you inform us of your intended attendance via e-mail. (see: 'Contact')


​The lecture room should be accessible from 13.15 hrs. Your timely presence will be much appreciated. If you are unfamiliar with the VU University, one of the University's hosts will be happy to help you find your way. A host can always be found in the main hall.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

De Boelelaan 1105

1081 HV Amsterdam


The University can be reached by public transport using the following public transport lines:

Metro: Line 51. Stop: De Boelelaan/VU.

Tram: Line 5, 16. Stop: De Boelelaan/VU.

For your convenience, you can download an overview here.