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Research Skills




Course load




6 ECs

The final paper may be submitted in Dutch or English


Research outcome mainly hit the tabloids for two reasons. It is either an enormous breakthrough in some field of science or it is proven enormously fraudulent. These circumstances, however, are two extremes of a vast area in which scholars are doing their best to come to good research results. No course can instruct a student how to reach a breakthrough, but a course in research skills can at least teach how to avoid the extremity of fraud and flawed science. This course aims for more, namely to show you how to set up good research, starting with the research question – everything within the boundaries of a correct argumentation scheme and with an eye for several phenomena relevant to theology and the study of religion(s).


This course is meant to let the student reflect on how to conduct research and what is necessary to make this research project a success. In order to reach this greater goal the student must be able to:

  1. know and apply The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practices;

  2. reflect on his/her own favourite learning style;

  3. find adequate literature for his/her own research project;

  4. recognize the difference between rhetorical and scientific argumentation;

  5. evaluate and write at different levels;

  6. evaluate literature that discusses his/her research topic;

  7. apply methodological literature;

  8. write a coherent, well-defined and methodologically correct research proposal;

  9. integrate feedback from two different professors.


Various assignments, of which a final research proposal for the intended thesis weighs for 40%.


Literature (non-exhaustive)