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2017: Peace, Trauma, and Religion in the Palestine-Israel Conflict

"I am not optimistic, but people of faith are never without hope!”

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This was the answer of a religious leader from Israel/Palestine when he was recently asked how he imagines the future of the people of the “Holy Land”, given the current political situation.

Israel/Palestine has witnessed an on-going conflict that seems almost impossible to be transformed into a peaceful situation of justice. How to imagine peace with justice in this context of human rights violations, terror attacks, occupation and discrimination?

The complexity of the context involves historical trauma, land issues, economic interests, international law issues, even war, and many other aspects – last but not least religion! There is hardly any conflict in which it seems so obvious that religion and different peoples of faith play a significant role: Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

For some, religion is the root-cause of the conflict itself. For others, religion is the only hope left.

Download the informative booklet here.

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