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To promote an ethical/theological framework of reference to comprehend the phenomenon of reconciliation, through the exploration of different perspectives, experiences and dialogues, with the goal of promoting the voice and the role of the churches and faith communities in the processes of peace building.


Co-facilitation: even though the course is primarily under the responsibility of two professors, the methodology of the course will seek to count with different voices, experiences and approaches to the topic of reconciliation, i.e., the course will count with guest speakers. Methodologically, this will mean that the course will have a ‘seminary’ outlook in some moments (when there will be some guests participating in panels) and more of ‘class’ in others, when the dialogues, exchanges, debates and practical exercises will be promoted among the participants and students.

Participants: The course will seek to count with the participation of 204 students, among whom there will be leaders of communities in Colombia, regular students of the Mennonite Seminary in Colombia, students of the Free University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and some other interested people.

Sessions: this will be an ‘intensive course’ to take place in the week of the 7th to the 11th of March, 2016. For this reason, the course will count with daily sessions (for a period of at least 5 hours a day) in addition to some visits to different practical initiatives or experiences on reconciliation.

Assignments: previous readings, participation in class and a final essay will be the assignments for the course

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