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2016’s summer school at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam will again, like in 2014, bring together students and academic staff of both universities over a current topic of peace policy. This time, our social science focus will be on origins and transmission of trauma, as well as coping and healing.

The following questions are to be addressed:

  • How is individual traumatic experience spread or concealed, and passed on to the next generation within groups?
  • What transformations does trauma undergo during this process?
  • How do societal groups collectively deal with traumas, to heal them, but also to exploit them politically?

These and other questions have been examined from the perspectives of South Africa, the Netherlands, and Germany. A report of the week was made by Andrés Pacheco, one of Dr Enns' PhD students from Colombia. 

Andrés Pacheco, Working Through Trauma: Societal and Transgenerational Dimensions in South Africa, the Netherlands, and Germany - A Report, Amsterdam, 2016.

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