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PTR Excursion 2016 Colombia:

Stressing the richness and complexity of peace and reconciliation through inter-Christian dialogue.

In recent times, terms such as ‘reconciliation’ and ‘peace’ have become common in the midst of the mass media, public opinion, and politicians, which has led to the trivialization of these terms without major study or care about the complexity of their meanings. Even though these categories have clearly theological and Christian roots, they seem now confined to the political and juridical spheres. Thus, it becomes more important to seek and establish possible ways in which these topics can be addressed and what contributions can be made from a faith/ethical perspective to regain and stress the richness and complexity that 'reconciliation' and 'peace' have and their importance today. This will help reaffirm the role that faith communities and churches have in terms of human reconciliation and the processes of advocating for peace with justice.​

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