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Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation cannot just be talked about in classrooms. It is important to hear narratives and stories from different people, to witness places that are torn by conflict, while also being inspired by people working to transform their society. For this reason, PTR makes an excursion someplace around the globe to meet and learn from people working for justice and peace. 

A yearly study trip is part of the educational programme in the Master's specialisation Peace, Trauma, and Religion. Participation is not obligated, however; a (relatively) small financial contribution of the student is required.​

Image by Marius Serban
"While I was walking within the memorial, I was thinking . . . that it seems so unreal how human beings can use their creativity to develop tools for suffering, to damage brains, bodies; while that creativity could be used in favor of good projects for humanity"

María León-Olarte 

Berlin 2018-19

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