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The Amsterdam Centre for Religion and Peace & Justice Studies is an academic centre to exchange ideas on peace and justice at the intersection of religion. The centre seeks to "create space for peace and justice" through the mutual exchange of ideas from insider and outsider perspectives. It also seeks to share these insights through education, various publications, and public lectures. 

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New Publication in the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace

Starting a Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace, the WCC began to focus intentionally on “transformative spiritualities” in order to (re-)discover the strength of the many and diverse faith communities around the globe. What is the well of that distinct power to resist evil with good, to transform injustices into a life of dignity for all, to heal broken relations – including Mother nature? And what are some of the spiritual practices that inspire communities on that “sacred walk”? This volume provides a selection of reflections on those transformative spiritualities, from indigenous perspectives to women’s voices, from black communities´ to campesino/as´ struggles, from specific Christian traditions to sister faiths.

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A Statement on the War in Ukraine.

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Menno Simons Sermon Prize for 2022 has been awarded to the Colombian Pastor Peter Stucky. 

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For information on how to apply to the 2023 Menno Simon Sermon Prize please click here.

Menno Simons Sermon Price 2022
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