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The Amsterdam Centre for Religion and Peace & Justice Studies is an academic centre to exchange ideas on peace and justice at the intersection of religion. The centre seeks to "create space for peace and justice" through the mutual exchange of ideas from insider and outsider perspectives. It also seeks to share these insights through education, various publications, and public lectures. 

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Mennonites (Doopsgezinden) are one of the “historic peace churches”. Globally they have become known as committed to nonviolent peace-building and restorative justice approaches. They are praised for their credible and faithful witness to the centrality of peace and justice in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament Scriptures – a community of true discipleship, a minority with a history of martyrs and of forced migration.

Mennonites themselves tend to join this narrative about themselves. Yet, recent studies reveal that there is violence as well within this global fellowship – in its history as well as in the present, violence against others as well as among its own members.

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A Statement on the War in Ukraine.

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