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PTR Excursion 2023 Sarajevo:

‘The Other Europe: Conflict and Reconciliation Where East Meets West’.

Each year, students and staff go on an excursion to experience, listen, and put themselves in a given context to learn more about peace-building, trauma coping, and the role of religion therein. The team collaborated with the European
Centre for The Study of War and Peace (ECSWP) in Sarajevo. The ECSWP tailored a special program for the PTR group, focusing on ‘The Other Europe: Conflict and Reconciliation where East meets West’. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the crossroad between East and West, ethnic, religious, and cultural differences can do both, unite and divide people. The city of Sarajevo served as the location to explore the conflict – armed in the past, still lingering in the present, to study historical and political events, and the impact these had and continue to have on local communities and individuals, religious and national identities – in the context of Europe and international relations.

Image by Hongbin
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