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Construction of Realities

From 5th-9th of September the ACRPJ together with Hamburg University organized a Summer school around the topic of: ‘’Construction of Realities’. 

In this Summer School, we aimed to sensitize ourselves of the perspectives we have based on our identity markers gender and race in order to gain new valuable perspectives on Peace and Conflict Studies and processes. We reflected on how these identity markers influence how we perceive conflicts (intra- and inter-personal) and communicate with the world. Furthermore, we focused to increase our awareness for the perspective of others based on their identity markers in societal dimensions and conflicts. 

Students from the master program ‘Peace, Trauma and Religion’ were one group of participants of the Summer school. On this page can read the reflections of two students that participated in the summer school.



Rosario Figari-Layus

Postdoctoral Researcher at Chair for Peace
Justus-Liebig-University Gießen, Germany
Rosario Figari Layús is post-doctoral
researcher and lecturer at the Chair of
Peace Studies at the Justus Liebig
University of Giessen in Germany. Her areas
of work and research focus on political and
gender-based violence, human rights
protection and peace and conflict studies.


Robert Beckford

Professor of Climate and Social Justice at
the University of Winchester, UK
Professor of Black Theology, the Queen’s
Foundation, Birmingham, UK
Professor of Theology, Vu University,
Robert is an activist scholar engaged in
action research across various social issues,
including climate justice, reparations and
dismantling structural racism. Robert
produces knowledge across multiple media, including television, documentary
film, BBC radio, contemporary Black urban music and radio drama productions. He has won several international awards for his
broadcasting, including a BAFTA.

"What I appreciated the most about the Summer School was that, while we certainly had our
fair share of standard lecturing and group work, the organizers went out of their way to
experiment with different teaching methods. For example, we started every morning with a
short mindfulness session. We also watched a documentary, toured the city of Amsterdam,
played the drums, and we even did some stretching together."

Alberto Cavallarin

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